Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

All blinds are hand-stitched to produce a very high-quality finish and to ensure there is no visible stitching on the face of the blind, a design feature that highlights the superior appearance of the finished product. The blind reverse is always lined and the pockets are formed within the lining, containing the sewn-in rods, guaranteeing continuity of pattern.

All blinds are manufactured with an Ecru lining as standard, although coloured, blackout and flame-retardant linings are also available.

These are very popular and give a smart, neat finish to any window. Roman blinds can be made in almost any fabric and finished to your specification with trims and borders if desired. Our Roman blinds are made to a very high standard and come comes complete with a head rail and chain lift system. Also available with the traditional cords around to control the blind up and down, with a cleat to keep the cords neat and tidy.

These blinds are ideal for fitting in with any interior décor scheme and can be lined, blackout lined or interlined and lined to give the desired finish and effect for your lifestyle requirements. Whether you are looking to provide some insulation value, block out the light or just add a soft, stylish window treatment, a roman blind is a great choice.

Efficient and aesthetically appealing, our Roman Blinds are manufactured using a combination of the latest technology and traditional skills. Every blind being hand finished with an integral fabric pelmet that covers the cord exit hole from the cord lock mechanism.

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