Fabric Advice


All fabrics will eventually fade. When making curtains, lining them will help to protect from the sun. In general, silk has low light fast-characteristics and may degrade quicker than other fabrics. We would highly recommend that all curtains and blinds are made up with blackout lining and interlining to protect them. All fabrics will fade quicker down the leading edges.

Shrinkage and Movement

All woven fabric, particularly those made form natural fibres such as cotton or linen, will shrink to some extent. It is quite normal for furnishing fabric to shrink if washed.

Please note, we would never recommend washing fabric unless clearly stated otherwise in the description.

It must also be considered that atmospheric conditions such as temperature and humidity can vary, this may affect curtains when hung in situ. Heavy fabrics and looser weaves may relax and lengthen.

Movement of curtains in situ cannot be accepted as a fault in the fabric.

Pattern repeats and alignment.

Pattern repeats and product widths are accurate to ±5%.

Fabric is not a completely ‘stable’ substance, it is always possible that the pattern will not be completely ‘square’ on the cloth. Whilst our manufacturers do everything they can to avoid distortion, a commercial tolerance is to be expected. Because of this we recommend you check that you are happy with the pattern alignment before making any cuts or alterations to the fabric. Remember, once a fabric has been cut or treated in any way, claims cannot be made.