Interior Trends for 2019

Read on for all the latest in the 2019 interior trends!

Interior Trends for 2019

Interior trends are funny things. Many carry through from year to year and we don’t tire of them as they are brought to us in different ways to keep our interests. Then suddenly we find that our favourite trend that we were so sure would carry on forever has disappeared! That’s hardly fair!

This year many interior trends from 2018 are carrying forward into 2019.

We still have lots of colour and sumptuous velvets from 2018, but whereas last year was all about bringing bright colours to our homes to create an edgy colour palette, this year we’re taking on a more mindful, calm and friendly approach with new shades.

Here are some of our favourites which cover an array of tastes, styles and budgets.

Grey is still popular as a base shade but 2019 is going to be seeing more tones of beige and warm whites for a uplifting, calm base palette.

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Sometimes I wonder…

…what accent colour should I go for? The one that is the latest fashion?. . . then I realize the best thing to do is just to be me. My life, my colour!


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Interior Trends for 2019

Occasional chairs are also hot this year. Here are a few sumptuous velvet occasional chairs that are bang on trend to whet your appetite including the very fashionable new ‘shell’ style;

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So, these are just a few of the top Interior Trends for 2019. There are many more and the great thing is there is something for everyone this year.

Start off the year with something exciting and new!


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