Curtains for insulation

Interlined curtains to help conserve precious warmth.



Our advice on curtains that save on heating bills


What is interlining?

Interlining is a thick Cotton or Polyester lining fabric that is sewn between the curtain face fabric and the lining.

The interlining comes in a choice of thicknesses, to suite different applications and the benefits include:

Looks – In our opinion interlining should be standard, as it gives a wonderful, sumptuous look and feel, giving depth to the heading and a lovely weight, with slightly rounded edges.

Drapability – Adding weight to the curtains or blinds, makes them hang better, pleat up better and

Insulation – The main benefit of interlining is that it traps the air between the layers of fabric and therefore minimizes heat loss.


Help reduce heat loss

Up to 30 percent of home heating costs are lost through windows, and the U.S. Department of Energy (we get it cold and hot in the UK too) says that the correct window coverings can save you up to 25 percent of your heating bill. Whether you sew or not, you can make a difference in the amount of heat loss you experience by understanding how various window coverings work and then choosing which ones may be the best for you and your household. An added bonus is that while these coverings work to keep the heat in during winter, they will also help keep the heat out in summer.


With the cost of living going through the roof and energy prices hitting an all-time high, now is the time to take measures to retain all the heat produced in our homes, keeping warm and safe this winter when the cold and frosty mornings bite again.

Along with the winter insulation, you wonderful, interlined curtains will provide a barrier against the blazing sunshine, keeping your house cool in the summer. It’s a win win!


Light Polyester Interlining 1Light Polyester Interlining


What are the choices of interlining?

Sarille – This is a polyester interlining that is white in colour and has small holes in the weave. It has a stiff feel to it compared to a cotton lining and is more reasonably priced. Great for use with thinner fabrics, and those with polycotton content, as they will expand and contract at similar rates.

Cotton Domette – This is 100% cotton and comes in cream or white, with a choice of 2 weights, one for curtains and a softer one for Roman Blinds.

Bump – 100% cotton interlining that literally has a ‘bumpy surface. very thick interlining for a sumptuous look and extreme warmth.

Bonded Lining – This is a fantastic time saver. A polycotton lining bonded to a sarille polycotton interlining, meaning that you can skip a process in the curtain making, giving instant interlined curtains.




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