Disinfectant – 5ltr


Fitters Wellbeing Kit 5

Covisan is a high quality disinfectant and cleaner, chosen by hospitals, vetinary surgeons and other high sensitivity areas.

Why choose Covisan
Most people choose this disinfectant because it is fully tested, it is entirely non-toxic, with a PH of 7.6
there is no need to rinse with water. It does not contain harmful Phoenol, Aldehyde or Alcohol. This product
is safe to use on all surfaces as it is entirely non-staining, non-tainting and non-irritant. Also being water-
based and biodegradable it is kind to the environment.

Directions for use
This large bottle of concentrate can be diluted to fill smaller bottles or fogging machines. We recommend
a 1:50 dilution by volume to ensure maximum effectiveness, which means each 5ltr bottle is 250ltrs of
Disinfectant. No need to rinse with water.

This product has been proven effective against Coronavirus, at a dilution of 1:50 and a surface contact time of
5 minutes. For maximum effect, use with a CP5 or CP3 fogging machine to ensure all areas are reached.

For use in Nurseries, Schools & Colleges, Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs, Vehicles, Warehouses, Shops, Gyms, Offices and around the home.

£55.10 + VAT

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